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Case Initiation

Initial call from

prospective client

  • Typically a 30-60 minute free phone discussion to determine if the expert assistance available is suitable.

  • Agreeing potential hourly rate and agreement of terms and conditions of engagement

  • Arranging bundle of information to be sent for an initial opinion

  • Brief report written outlining potential to win case and estimated work required to write detailed report and respond to any other expert opinion

Typically 6h at hourly rate

Response time typically 1 week max

Contract Agreement

Contract agreed and instructions taken

  • Contract agreed and signed

  • If samples required for sensory analysis these will now be available and exhaustive randomised testing set up

  • Detailed report written based on all facts available at the time

  • Gaps in case information identified

  • Clear statements in report to highlight positive points to support the client or areas of weakness exposed with an indication if they are potentially defensible or not

Could be up to 35h at hourly rate

Response time typically 1-2 weeks

Case won or moves to court

Integration of reports into Witness Statements

  • Liaison with insurers or counsel to provide expert guidance on what and how to argue with opponents expert advisers

  • Rebuttal statements in response to other expert witnesses

  • Legal and scientific argument preparation and rehearsal with counsel which often leads to out of court settlement and case withdrawal and settlement in our client's favour 

Depends on whether case goes to court or not: court cases charged at weekly rate separately agreed. Usually around 15-30h further report or telecon advice

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