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A high tech stailnless steel drying kiln
Mug of beer in malt.Pale malt, crystal m
Beer Science ! Black Board with Graph, D

Maltdoctor has over 35 years of experience in malting and brewing and in the manufacture of malt and malted ingredients

If you have a short term need for manufacturing or technical expertise we can hit the road running with experience of handling multiple production sites and associated staff and technical responsibilities

  • Troubleshooting production issues    

  • Providing independent advice in the case of customer complaints or claims                                                    

  • Advising on Business Continuity systems and test scenarios                

  • Coordinating product withdrawal or recall procedures                                

  • Providing guidance on media communications

If your issue has reached the point of involving insurers and legal counsel, Maltdoctor has an exemplary record of support as an expert witness and can be instructed to act on your behalf by your lawyer or barrister.

Please click here for details of this separate professional advice

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