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Maltdoctor has a wealth of experience teaching groups of varying experience

Awareness training is provided for

  • Process operators

  • Technical support teams

  • Project engineers

  • Marketing executives

  • Board members

  • Auditors

  • Sales and Administration teams

  • University undergraduates 

  • MSc and PhD students on industry graduate schemes


Courses delivered ONLINE if preferred
Group maximum of 10 online is best
Ask if you need something different

Training tailored to your requirements 

Courses can be combined to suit your need

** New 2024**

ESG icon concept.ESG icon for environmental, social, and governance in sustainable and eth

Carbon Literacy and ESG (90 minutes)
Scope: Understand what a carbon footprint is and how to calculate it; How to handle data uncertainty; Understand Net Zero, Carbon Neutral and Offsets; Learn what Environmental Social Governance means and how you can integrate it into business systems and strategy to build a stronger brand image. 

** New**

Stalks of Wheat

Food Safety and Hygiene (60-90 minutes)
specifically for cereal processing businesses
Scope: the basics about food safety legal requirements, traceability, intake QC, mycotoxins, pesticides and MRL's, HACCP and TACCP. 

** New**

Malt and Malted Ingredient Analysis (60 minutes)
Scope: Explanation for all the major analytical parameters used to specify malt across the world using different international methods;  microbiological analysis; laboratory performance evaluation; accuracy and precision

** New**

Malt and Malted Ingredient Manufacturing process (90 minutes)
Scope: Descriptions of malt and malted ingredient processing with detailed explanation of steeping, germination and kilning and options for further processing of malt into a range of different ingredients

** New**

Speciality malts.jpg

Speciality Malt (90 minutes)
Scope: the production and basic biochemistry of speciality malts; processing descriptions and options; food safety considerations potential pitfalls of colour measurement, colour measurement options; flavour descriptions

Reduce greenhouse gas emission for clima

Environmental Protection and Sustainability in Malting (90 minutes)
Scope: What constitutes sustainability; how it relates to carbon footprinting; descriptions of carbon footprint methodology, scopes and reporting,  major aspect and impacts for malting, monitoring and targetting for energy, water  use and re-use, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Science based targetting

Folding Sign

Health and Safety in Malting (60 minutes)
Scope: the basics about health and safety assessment, monitoring risk and specific information on dust explosions (ATEX/DSEAR), zoning and explosion control options. Can include a brief outline of managing mental wellbeing in the workplace 

malt flavour wheel.jpg

Sensory Analysis of Malt (60 minutes:interactive session involving tasting)
Scope: Practical demonstration of the value of malt tasting for positive flavour impact and sensory profiling, troubleshooting and new product development. This session does not involve wort tasting which is not as good as the malt porridge system used by Maltdoctor and co-developed by him to describe malt flavour. This system has been adopted by major brands often in preference to high end anayltical instrumentation analysis which can often fail to pick up the ineractive nature of malt flavour compounds in the mouth.

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