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Maltdoctor is a successful private expert witness with a highly credible academic and manufacturing background in food safety, hygiene and sensory analysis.

Maltdoctor is an expert witness with over 30 years experience in malting, brewing, foods and beverages with extensive knowledge of food safety issues associated with cereals. He holds BSc and PhD qualifications in Plant Biology and Physiology, has an IBD Diploma in Brewing (DiplBrew) with distinction and is an Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University School of Biosciences.


As an expert in his field he lectures to audiences ranging from students at college through BSc, MSc and PhD seminars on Energy efficiency, Environmental protection and carbon footprinting, Waste Management, Malt production, biochemistry and analysis, Malt Sensory Analysis, Speciality malt production and use, Manufacturing operations and Compliance. He was part of the team that developed a unique barley/malt sensory analysis method that is highly discriminatory for identifying positive and negative traits that impact on use in food and beverage production. He also developed the world's first carbon footprint model for malted barley from farm to beer. 

The business started 30 years ago supporting a brewery in South America which was struggling trying to refuse a cargo of malt which had suffered sea water ingress during shipping. The traditional insurers and cargo inspectors were just not knowledgeable enough to assess suitability for brewing and neither did they understand food safety implications. $1,000,000 of cargo was in dispute. The case had been argued between insurers and re-insurers for almost 9 years and was due to go to court. With just two reports from Maltdoctor the case never reached court and the brewery won its case to reject the malt. Expert witness costs amounting to only 5% of the potential court costs saved around $400,000 in legal costs. So was born a unique consultancy that has never lost a case.


Typically instructions & report writing cost

 2 - 5 %

of the contested sum



100% of cases won for the instructing legal team or insurer


Immediate attention to give quick steering opinion prior to full instructions being taken


Clear, definitive advice on food safety and hygiene to allow legal counsel to frame either a prosecution or defence that is robust, honest and scientifically based. 

Advice that demystifies the science into easily understood conclusions that combine practical industry operational knowledge with sound scientific rigour

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