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ESG policy development
Carbon footprint calculation
Carbon literacy training
IFRS S1&S2 reporting

Our principal consultant
Dr Nigel Davies

has supported over 360 companies to achieve world leading performance in environmental and social governance (ESG).

Join this group of companies and impress your stakeholders with a bespoke vision based on internationally recognised performance metrics as you progress to Net Zero.

Be confident about IFRS S1 & S2, EcoVadis and other environmental platform reporting and enhance your brand image with robust verifiable performance you can be proud of.


This is a highly successful Sustainability Consultancy specialising in Food and Beverages but with a wide portfolio of over 300 clients in malting, brewing, distilling, milling, cereals, chocolate, coffee, leisure, plastics, film and theatre.

We provide a pragmatic way to develop an engaging and active sustainability plan that encompasses environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues, carbon footprint calculation and road mapping together with social and ethical business strategies. This can form the basis for reporting under the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) if you are required to report using this structure.

Maltdoctor Ltd also provides support and training for manufacturing operations in the food and beverage industry.

ESG / Sustainability
Maltdoctor Ltd has over 30 years developed a world leading approach to sustainability engagement in cereal supply chains and designed the world's first malting barley carbon footprint calculator from farm to beer/whisky way back in 2004.  Our expertise is in demystifying complex issues around climate risk and carbon jargon to provide carbon literacy, data interpretation, strategy development toward net-zero or carbon neutrality and use of ESG data to boost brand reputation.

Expert witness
We have for over 30 years provided strong technical expert witness advice to guide legal counsel and insurance companies in the shipping industry where cereal food safety has been in question.

Technical Support
An extensive range of training courses are available that reflect over 30 years experience in operations in food and beverage operations and analytics trouble shooting. This is also provided as expert technical support where and independent opinion may be required


ESG / Sustainability
To demystify the complexity that surrounds sustainability, carbon footprinting and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to help you establish a verifiable and open reporting structure and strategy that enhances your brand reputation.

Expert witness
To provide highly professional and clear advice that enables lawyers and insurers to understand their liability or to proceed with confidence to present and win their case in court

Technical Support
To provide you with world class technical support and clarity of analytical understanding in issues impacting on food and beverage safety and quality and suitability of manufacturing operations.


ESG / Sustainability

  • Carbon footprint calculation: scope 1, 2 and 3


  • Carbon roadmap creation

  • Carbon literacy training


  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) structure and strategy development


  • Staff training in ESG

  • Improved performance coaching on sustainability assessment platforms such as Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), EcoVadis, BCorps

  • Preparation of climate risk reports and relevant material for reporting under the IFRS S1 and S2 reporting framework

Technical Support

  • Food and beverage expertise in product safety and hygiene


  • Specific expertise in malting and brewing production


  • Capital and technical project support


Online or in-person training in many areas of food safety manufacturing and analysis

Please click here to see more on the training page

Expert witness

  • Legal argument support

  • Impartial expert advice

  • Decision support for prosecutors, insurers or defending counsel

  • Cereal sensory analysis to determine ability to salvage distressed cargoes damaged during transit by fire, water or other mechanisms

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